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Louisa Chan Certified Professional Coach

Dear Valued Woman Entrepreneurs,

If you love being a woman, a wife or a mother but you feel torn by playing different personalities at work and at home, please read on. 

You are caring and supportive but you feel pressured and a sense of  dis-stress that you cannot display your feminine leadership qualities in a male dominated work place. 

While you produce great results and perform well at work, you do not feel that you have been given the opportunity to rise up and shine given the glass ceiling.  You are frustrated and unfulfilled. 

The need to work 150% just to prove your worth is taking a toll on you. You feel overwhelmed in the highly competitive work place.  And the quest to earn the respect you deserve is slowly eating you up.

And as you leave the office for home, your brain is racing with multiple outstanding tasks that need your attention.  Because you assume primary role of care-giver and home-maker.  

You don't have much time nor care for yourself.  You miss the social life, your gym, the books, the pampering.  And you are hanging on, but stressed out. This is ebbing away your overall well being slowly but surely.

I Want Effective Tips For A Stress-Free Life Now!

You Have Come To The Right Place At The Right Time - There Is A Simple Solution

There is no need for stress, frustration, passive acceptance nor a sense of helplessness.

I have prepared an audio recording with 7 powerful tips which you can use to manage stress whenever you feel like melting down, losing it or ready to throw in your towel.

This audio recording will cover these and more:

  • Early warning signs of being stressed.   How you can nip stress in the bud before it builds up to an unhealthy level.  Your body is sending you signals everyday - are you taking heed?
  • Free and easy techniques for quick relief of stress.  This time-proven method has been used by yogi since ancient times and is still giving reliable results.
  • Clearing your mental stress.  Find out how you can keep your mind "clean and tidy" - and how that reduces stress in your life.
  • Seeing stress in a different color.  You don't have to feel overwhelmed by the many demands.  I will share secrets that make your situations seem lighter. You will feel a burden lifted even if nothing changes externally.
  • Building strong fundamentals and frameworks for a consistent state of calmness.   Discover how to access your strength and realign your life for optimum performance.  Live a calm yet fulfilled life whatever your circumstances.
  • Support Structures that work.  I have prepared a support system that will make on-going maintenance of a stress-free life  smooth and hassle-free.  Tap into the support structure; it is powerful yet gentle.
  • Living with creativity and enjoy daily activities.  Live a meaningful life with fun.  Get more done with ease.  You have more time to spend with your children and have more time for yourself.
I Want Quick Tips With Lasting Effects In My Hands!

Can I Have These Powerful Tips In The Palm Of My Hands?

Yes. I have here an audio file as well as the transcripts of the audio file.  You can read the file on your own computer, or print it out and read it anywhere and any time.  You can also make notes on it if you like.

The audio and transcript enhance your learning and cater to your unique learning style.  You can listen to the audio file if you are an auditory learner.  If you are a visual learner you will want to print the transcript out to read..  And if you are kinesthetic, you can write notes on the notes you print out.

Either way will help you quickly and effectively relieve stress from your life. You can copy the audio onto your ipod or mp3 player and listen to it while you work out at the gym or when you drive your children to karate class.  With it in the palm of your hands, you can use it anytime you want.

OK, How Much Does It Cost?

I have seen products like this being sold for $67 USD.  Frankly, that would be an excellent value for the quality of life you'll create using all the valuable tips and ideas.

But for today I want to make it as easy and convenient for you to have this information handy.  If it's handy, you will be more likely to use what you learn - and that's my greatest intention for you.

So for a limited time, I'm making the digital audio recording (in mp3 format) and the full written transcript available (in PDF format) available to you at an introductory price today of only $27 USD. That's an instant $40 USD savings off the retail price for you.

I hope that makes it easy as pie for you to say yes, and lock in the savings.  Go ahead and click the link below to have these files delivered to you right away.

But please do act now because this is a limited-time offer.  I reserve the right to raise the price back to $67 USD at any time without notice.

Go ahead and order this valuable audio file and transcript below.  You'll be glad you did.  And so will your family ...

"7 Tips For Living Stress-Free Living"
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You also get my Money Back Guarantee. If you purchase the digital report and audio and do not feel absolutely delighted with the it then you can write to and I will refund your purchase with no hassle. All I ask is that you do that within the first 60 days of your purchase.