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Warning! Accumulated Untreated Tension Can Lead To Chronic Stress And Exhaustion As Well As "Dis-eases"

Good News! Now You Can Learn To Be
Successful Without The Stress
As Homemaker and Entrepreneur
in the comfort of your home at a
time convenient to you

Dear Fellow Woman Entrepreneur,

If you are a woman, wife, mother or own your own business and are ticked off by the many obligations placed on you, when you really want to be autonomous, successful and a high achiever, read on.

You may also relate to these other things that my clients experience:

  • Perhaps you may sometimes feel pressured at the role conflicts and clashes in values. Although you are caring and supportive, you are distressed that you put your own goals on hold while you fulfill your responsibilities.
  • Possibly you may even find yourself burning the candle at both ends as you rush around serving the different people in your care and putting others before you.
  • If fact do you sometimes feel that there is not enough time, space, or energy for you nor appreciation for all that you do? Something seems to be missing. Where is the joy, the fun, and the meaning of all that is happening?
  • And if you push your own needs and emotions aside, the unprocessed emotional stress will build up. They may control the state of your mind and being, and explode uncontrollably when your threshold is reached.
  • Knowing that you are capable and wanting to accomplish more does not help.

Warning! Constant, untreated, accumulated stress can lead to chronic stress and exhaustion as well as "dis-ease" such as impatience, outbursts, insomnia, tension headaches, body aches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes etc.

Good News! Now you can learn to be Successful Without the Stress as a Homemaker and Entrepreneur. You can learn the secrets in the comfort of your home at a time convenient to you.

And you can learn to do this effortlessly and practice the secrets learned until calmness and peacefulness becomes second nature to you.

What Would Your Ideal Life Look Like?

Imagine what your stress free life would look like ...

You'll probably know yourself well and what you are here to do. Life has meaning and purpose. You add value to your children's lives.

And you will probably have your heart's desires. You have clarity about what you want. This gives you motivation and an excitement to do what you need to do and enjoy doing them.

Perhaps you will be focused on what matters most and get things done efficiently giving you more time with your children. You also have more time for yourself.

And I won't be surprised if you took control of your life, took ownership and designed the life you want. You make the difference to your children in spite of the circumstances.

You are very likely a relaxed, calm, yet confident person. You have things under your control. The freedom from stress makes you fun, positive, relaxed, open, and able to express your compassion.

Maybe also well rested, looking fresh, and enjoying great health with regular exercise. You are happy and fulfilled, attractive and approachable.

I would imagine that you honor and cherish yourself. You take time to strengthen yourself mentally, spiritually, and physically. You know that when you are at your best, you can give of your best to your loved ones.

Now stop imagining! This can come true.

Give Me 4 Hours And You'll
Live A Successful And Stress-Free Life

Success Without Stress, Stress-Free Living In 30 Days

Success Without Stress
Stress-Free Living In 30 Days

In 4 live 60-minute audio files (with accompanying worksheets) you will discover simple truths for living the stress-free life that you deserve.

Here's what you get when you invest in the "Stress-Free Living in 30 Days" Home Study Course:

  • How to know if you are stressed and in danger of disease so you can take corrective action to relax and refocus. 
  • 7 simple, ready to use tips to combat your daily stress. This helps you nip it in the bud before you lose it altogether.
  • New mindset and habits that build the foundation for a new way of living. The secrets to a more grounded life will free you from feeling helpless and overwhelmed.
  • You experience a new way of living while you are on the program as you implement these tips into your daily life. You will enjoy the program as it is practical and highly experiential.
  • You have support structures as you create and build these new habits  and mindsets. Doing it on your own will require great determination and tenacity; a little help goes a long way.
  • Living a stress-free life is not out of reach. I am sharing secrets which have made a tremendous difference in my life. Follow the steps outlined in the program and you will experience stress-free living – your birth right.

So what are you waiting for?


Your program is amazing! The simplicity you bring in your program to allow anyone to take control of their life and reduce their stress is truly profound... Thank you for all of your great work...

Bill Parravano, he Knee Pain Guru

"So Doable, I Am Left With HOPE"

The tips and strategies are a no brainer yet I never thought of it my self. This is the way I feel every week after my sessions with Louisa.

She makes everything sound so simple, I fell like I can do anything afterward.  Her suggestions are so basic and doable that you are left with not just positive insights but HOPE.

Marlene Mullings, Business Owner
From United States of America

What Makes This Program Different From Books
And Seminars On Handling Stress?

You have a Home Study Course based on what works.

I lived with the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stress of a few relocations across 6 countries, several career changes, a few retrenchments and a heart breaking divorce.

I have experimented with all kinds of stress relievers.

I also face pressures posed by gender, culture, race, religion, age, finance, health and a perfectionist personality.

And I have figured out what works for me.

I am distilling my secrets and presenting them to you in a compact format. You will help you know yourself in a new way. You use the relievers that work best in your unique case.

You need to know your stress-type. Unfortunately, one size does not fit all.

The program takes you through a process so you know your personality and stress type and what techniques to use. You will position yourself for automatic reflexes that will manage acute stress.

You are shown holistic ways of dealing with stress involving the whole person for complete and wholesome results.

Here's What You Can Look Forward To At The Completion Of The Home Study Course

  • You understand yourself better. You know your options and what techniques to use for responding to each stressor.
  • You regain control of your emotions and your life. You are in charge once again. You choose how you want to live.
  • You are physically more fit and mentally more focused. You are more joyful and relaxed and live with a clearer sense of purpose. You are Calm yet Alive! That paves the way for personal and professional success.
  • You are more healthy and happy. You know the secret to fulfillment, abundance and joy.

Here Is A Sneak Preview Into The Course

Success Without Stress, Module 1 Knowing Stress & Knowing You
Success Without The Stress
Stress-Free Living In 30 Days - Audio with pdf

Module 1: Knowing Stress And Knowing You - Your Strategy For Success

This is the foundation of the program: understand what stress is and know yourself. You have only one life to live and you don't want stress to consume you. You want to learn how to ride on that stress and turn it to your advantage.

  • Debunk the myth of stress. Understand what it is and it's place in your life. We will look at the different types of stress and the different areas where they show up.
  • Know your your "stress-type". What stress-type you are will tell you how you can best deal with your stressors. There are many techniques you can use and you want to use what works best for you.
  • Use your entire self to deal with stress; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Using only one of the faculties will limit your success. Winning in one area will pave the way for winning in all areas, the 4 are inter-related.
  • Identify your current stress points. What are they and are you aware of them? More on that in the program.

Success Without Stress, Module 2 Keeping Afloat
Success Without The Stress
Stress-Free Living In 30 Days - Audio with pdf

Module 2: Secrets To Keeping Afloat In A Sea Of Pressures

I will start with physical external quick tips that you can use to get fast results. We will also look at:

  • Early warning signs of stress. Recognize your current stress level. Know how stress communicates with you and how you can respond.
  • Using your physical body to de-stress and stay calm. The same body that is uptight and tensed can be used to help you unwind and relax. Try it on the program itself and see results.
  • Creating space in your mind to combat stress. The same mind that is tensed can be your best weapon to combat stress. Experience this in class. And you can continue using this tip whenever you need to.
  • Getting rid of toxins and clutter in your life. We will look at what needs to be cleaned out, released and what needs to be nurtured and guarded.

Success Without Stress, Module 3 Awareness & Alignment
Success Without The Stress
Stress-Free Living In 30 Days -Audio with pdf

Module 3: Awareness And Alignment - The One Thing To Work On Now

Quick starts are good and the key to long lasting change lies in the fundamentals. I will show you how you can set your personal bearing so you are set up to automatically handle stress without the sense of being overwhelmed.

  • What's important to you will stress you. You have a dream for your self and your family. That drives the way you live your life. Find out how you can position yourself so you are set up for success.
  • Know why you are anxious and overwhelmed. You'd be surprised to find out the real reasons for the concerns that shows up on the surface. Deal with the root and not the symptoms.
  • Know how to detach yourself from stressful situations with a shift in your attitude and state. You can live a stress-free life in a stressful world. And you will have fun doing that too.

Success Without Stress, Module 4 Makeover Vs Maintenance
Success Without The Stress
Stress-Free Living In 30 Days - Audio with pdf

Module 4: Maintenance Versus Makeover For Automatic And Ongoing Success

While it feels good after attending workshops or seminars, you will not reap the full benefit if there is no follow up or opportunity to continually practice and review and enhance the skills and habits learned. We will look at:

  • How you can purify your environment. You cannot change the world and its system but you can certainly maintain your own purity and state of being. We will look at ways of self-care that will protect you from unwanted stress.
  • What are some ways you can use to nurture the new habits being formed? How will you grow your repertoire of techniques? And how do you strengthen the muscles that work against stress?
  • Daily renewal is important to harness your new lifestyle. What you do physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually daily will either lift you up or pull you down.

"Much Great Content - A Marvelous Course"

There is so much great content in the Stress-Free Program. I bet this course could have been twice the length!

You have really helped me significantly reduce the stress I was feeling!  I enjoyed all your analogies and advice on how to de-clutter emotionally, physically, and mentally. A marvelous course indeed!

You are so very kind, thoughtful, and understanding, which made it easy for me to feel comfortable sharing with you. .

Lisa N.
From Canada

"So Easy To Implement Yet So Powerful"

A great program that makes my life as stress free as possible. The program proposed many insights that made me think.

No testimonial will do you enough justice, others will have to try it for themselves to actually know what I am talking about.

Your voice still echoes in my ears when I am overwhelmed. Your teachings have armed me with more resilience to face set-backs. Your views are so easy to implement, yet so very powerful.

Dania Dbaibo Darwish,
Instructor of Psychology
American University of Beirut, Lebanon

"Finally Unburden Yourself"

Louisa's home-study program gives a systematic approach to identifying the stresses in your life and most importantly how to free yourself from them. 

I learned how to take responsibility for my stress and not let it control my life, ultimately giving me the freedom I needed.

Her step-by-step process literally offers a way to finally unburden yourself so you can do the things you really want to do, and consequently lead a much happier, productive life.

I enjoy listening to her audios repeatedly. 

Lauren Miller,
Professional Wellness Coach

OK, So How Much Is The Investment?

So let's review what you will get in the live recording of the live recording of a 4-week Program that I ran:

    60-Minute Audio Files With Q & A and sharing at the end of the sessions. I sometimes go beyond 60 minutes depending on the Q & A.
    Valued at $197

    As you can see this program has a real world value of at least $300 but if you sign up today you will also get at absolutely no cost to you the following 3 bonuses:

    Bonus 1 (worth $97): One Complimentary Membership* For A Month into my  group coaching where support, facilitation and coaching is offered.

    Bonus 2 (worth $79): Complimentary 7-Day Fast-Start digitial Course series on 7 Tips that help manage stress which will lead up to the start of the Program. This complements the program. and comes with streaming audio files too

    Total value of $373.00
  • The benefits of a more relax and productive life in itself will easily pay for this program many times over. Enroll now. You'll be glad you did.... and so will your family.
  • We believe this will add value to your current lifestyle.

Since this is an introductory offer I am making a very special offer with your order now.

This product has a market value of $373. The regular price is $197. But if you order today you pay only $97 (an instant savings of $176).

Wait, More Good News For You!

This Home Study is a recording of a live version of a live program I did. 

The live program is extraordinary.  Participants gather once a week over 4 weeks. There is training, sharing, coaching and connection as the program is highly interactive. We also have Q&A on the calls and support through emails after the calls

Participants were happy and satisfied at the end of the program as they are relieved of their stress. 

This Homes Study is excellent and will serve you well but nothing can replace the live learning experience with the opportunity to interact live with me and with the community. 

So during the introductory launch period, I will give you complimentary tuition into the live program the next time I run it.

In the live program I will be available for four 90-minute calls. At my regular rate, that would be a $900  investment. In group I usually offer it at $397.

So you get a full $397 value for absolutely free if you are one of the first 10 to order today.

For $373, $197 $97 you get the Home Study Format and you get to enjoy the Live Training for Free. (a total savings of $673!)


"Louisa Puts Things Into Perspective"

Louisa is a caring and compassionate life coach who is able to use her own life experiences to help others.

She has helped put things into perspective for me. Her coaching style is gentle, yet direct. And I have found that Louisa is an effective coach because she doesn't spend time giving me the answers, but helping me find them instead.

Beth Jones, Mother of Toddler
United States of America

"I Am Now Aware, My Beliefs Are Changed"

"Stress Free in 30 Days Program" was really helpful to me and changed my beliefs about stress.

Now I am aware when, how and why I become stressed. The program is so efficient, rich in information, condensed and to the point.

Louisa used simple examples and provide you with information you will not forget because the image will be in your mind.

Her calm and reassuring voice is an important factors that makes her a great coach.   

Her patience and her willingness to listen is very much appreciated.

Nihad Khalil, Systems Analyst
From Alexandria, Egypt

"Naturally Deal With The Situation, It Works!"

This is a very good program. It gave me the chance to reflect on my problems and work on being more relaxed.  Besides, I like the many analogies used. It works indeed.

It's good when I allow my body to naturally deal with the situation without forcing or reacting to it like I used to.

Khanh Nhu, Nguyen, Trainer
From Vietnam

"Deep Understanding - Practical"

I found Louisa to have a deep understanding of stress, and very practical suggestions to handle it.

Her program is a real help not only to people caught in the corporate rat race but also to coaches and conscious

entrepreneurs facing the many demands and uncertainties in building their businesses.

Helene Desruisseaux,
Conscious Entrepreneur
From Canada

You'll enjoy hearing our discussions on the live call with Q&A. This can be the most gratifying bit of the program as it addresses your unique situation.

And you will also be able to complete exercise while listening to the audio.  Often we hear and "know" so much, but here, your "work" is included and built into the course. If you set aside time to do the audios, you will have thought through what needs addressing.

With this recording of a live call, you get to sense the interactive participation, sharing, laughter, frustration and group synergy.  It is conducted with live people on the call who has since benefited from the program!

If you are the first 10 to invest in the Home Study Course (up to a maximum of 10 participants from your sponsor), you will enjoy a FREE Upgrade to the Live Class when it is next run.

That means, you get to listen to all the audios now and join me again on the live call at no further cost to you.

Make stress-free living a priority Now! I am doing all I can to make this accessible and affordable to you.

I am investing my experiences, time, resources and energy into this Home Study Course and I know that you will benefit from this program.

Click here to purchase the product Now.

                                   Our Guarantee
guaranteeYou also get my No-Risk Money Back Guarantee. If you purchase the Home Study Format and do not feel absolutely delighted with the changes in your life, just write to me and I will refund your purchase with no hassle. All I ask is that you do that within the first 60 days of your purchase.   

"Success Without Stress" In Home Study Format
Order Safely Through Secured Servers

Click To Listen To Louisa's Guarantee

YES! I want to live a successful yet stress-free life naturally and continually! I understand that by investing:

  • I will take advantage of the secrets revealed through your experience and insights. This will keep me motivated and focused to pursue my goals and enjoy my roles.
  • I can experience the difference when I am open to try and practice.
  • I will be able to download the audio the instance I make the investment and listen to it on my PC, Mac or mp3 player files. I do not need to wait for anything to reach me by snail mail.
  • I will enjoy a FREE Access to the next Live Program when it is next run if I am among the first 10 to enroll. Valued at $397.
  • I will get all 4 audio files with accompanying digital worksheets. Valued at $197. 
  • I will get one month of complimentary membership* into the group coaching with facilitation. Valued at $97.
  • I will get a Complimentary 7-Day Fast-Start digitial Course.  Valued at $79
  • I know that $97 is a special introductory launch price. This price may go up soon and I will not the FREE Access to the next Live Program.
  • I can participate in a 30-minute interview on Louisa's Tele Seminar with a topic of my choice if I am one of the first 5 people who invest in this Home Study Course.

Buy Now

These audios files and digital download ale guide sheets can give you a new lease of life.

Love and Abundance,

Louisa Chan, Certified Life Coach
Louisa Chan

P.S. Within the first Module you will begin to feel the difference. So invest in the Home Study Course Now and reap the benefits that you deserve.

P.P.S. And remember, you are also eligible for the complimentary membership to the "Coffee Talk" with group coaching facilities; a $98 per month value. So you continue to practice and hone in concepts learned in a fun and supportive environment. You want the HomeStudy Course.

"Ideas That I Can Apply"

Louisa does not interrupt my day with an idea that I cannot apply. Rather, when I feel I am not sure what direction to go, or I feel overwhelmed, or I am unsure what to tackle next - she takes me back to the basics.

She reminds me again of what is important, and as she guides me back to a quieter space inside myself.

I refocus and accomplish what I set out to do...all without losing myself. Once again I find the joy in the journey.

Bill Turpin, CPC, LPBC
Trainer, Business / Life Coach From United States of America

"No Longer A Hope But A Reality

I found her free phone seminars very helpful and have since been having regular one-on-one coaching sessions with Louisa.

Louisa put me at ease the first time I spoke to her although I tend to be a rather reserved and tensed-up person.

Before working with Louisa, thoughts of wanting to be a “better person” have been hazy and far-fetched. Louisa's skillful coaching presence and patience helped me gain clarity; this is now no longer a hope but a reality. 

I am happy to recommend Louisa to anyone wanting to have a partner walking beside you.

S.W. Lim
From Sarawak, Malaysia

"You Can Place Your Trust In Her"

I find her tips on facing life's challenges and striving to be one's best, most original, innovative and practical. It is as if she was talking of her own real life experiences.

Her words are so reassuring that you can immediately place your trust in her. 

I wouldn't hesitate recommending Louisa as a Certified Coach to anyone. 

YW Lee, Mother of Two
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"I Gain Greater Self Awareness"

Attending Louisa's phone seminar calms my troubled heart and brings me to ponder deeply about my own purpose in life.

I will often be the first to ask for the recording replay of her phone seminars as I could not always attend her live calls due to family commitments. Her seminars help me reflect upon myself. Doing the exercises requested of me helps me gain much greater self awareness.

I started coaching with Louisa to help me work through the challenges of raising 3 children on my own without the support of my partner."

Sia, Working Mother of Three children
West Malaysia

Note: all currencies are in USD.
*Complimentary access to group coaching is for new members only.